Who? What? Why?

Who am I?

I’m a woman in my mid-forties.  (Why does it pain me to admit that?)  My husband is a few years older.  No children.  Not pets, other than the fish.  (And the assassin snails we got to control the other snails that came in on the aquarium plants…)  We both work full time, albeit on slightly different shifts.

Our fish tank, with one of the diamond tetras hiding in the grasses.  

Anyway, we moved out of a semi a couple of years ago into a condominium apartment, which we love.  No yard work, someone else to manage the property, and a gorgeous view of the sunsets.



You’ve got to understand, we’ve both struggled with our weights most of our adult lives.  About 10 years ago, before we got married, we went on WW followed by JC when that stopped working for us.  I lost abut 50 lbs. (total) before I got bored with the JC food about the same time as we took possession of our new house and life went nuts!

I had put most of that weight back on by January of 2015, so I went back to JC.  I lost about 30 lbs., but between the limited food selections, the fact that I was doing it alone, and the cost, I called it quits after 6 months.

Anyway, my husband and I started on Nutrisystem ® about 5 weeks ago.  We almost didn’t, after finding out that all the prices on the website I thought was a Canadian site were is US dollars, and that they wouldn’t ship frozen food up here.

It’s been going fairly well – I’ve lost about 17 lbs., and he’s lost over 20!  But I’ve got almost 90 to go, and he’s got even more…  Budget-wise, we figure we’re about breaking even.  We’re spending less on groceries because I don’t have to buy much in the way of meats or starches, I haven’t been buying junk food, and we haven’t been eating out 2 – 3 nights a week like we were.

But the two of us are in this – together – for the long haul, and we’re both determined to see it through this time.

This little one showed up in my second NS order.  She’s currently sitting, silently encouraging, on the edge of my desk.

Pound – The Original Nutribear!


One of the things I learned on my recent JC journey was that one of the most important things for me would be to find some way to vary the food and adapt the dishes to my tastes.  So I went looking for tips and hacks to change up the NS entrees….

…and came up pretty much blank.



Is my Google-fu that bad?

…Maybe there was something on the forums that they took down, or maybe it’s on Facebook.

I’m not.

On Facebook, that is.  I tried it once, but found that all I did was waste time playing games with people I’d never met…

So, I’m starting this blog to keep track of my journey, and with the hope that it might encourage someone else.

Good night, folks.  Take care.

Northern Sunset




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