Pizza Friday and Nutribears

I worked late yesterday, so last night’s dinner ended up being a flex meal.  DH picked up a roast chicken and roast vegetables from the grocery store, and we had those.

I got to thinking about that roast chicken today, so I decided to try a bit of it on tonight’s pizza.img_0214

I only used 1/2 of the tomato sauce from the NS Package, and added 1/2 a tbsp of BBQ sauce.  I topped it with a few slivers of roast chicken, roasted onion and roasted red pepper, along with some black pepper, dried basil and just a pinch of garlic salt.  And the cheese, of course.

Frankly, the chicken didn’t do anything for either of us.  I won’t bother next time.

But I really liked the BBQ sauce, and I’ll probably switch out half of the tomato sauce for it again.  (PS – 2 tbsp of BBQ sauce is 45 calories.  My 1/2 tbs is thus about 11 calories.  Given that the tomato sauce has fructose and corn syrup solids in it, I’m calling it a wash, calorie-wise.)

We served the pizzas alongside some salad made with fresh-picked greens from the Aerogarden tossed with diet Caesar salad dressing.   We also had the rest of last night’s roasted vegetables. img_0215

I’m counting dinner as 1 NS Entree, and an extra (for the salad dressing).  

On a slightly different topic, this little guy showed up for my husband recently:img_0221

This one is mine!img_0222

Enjoy your weekend!

Northern Sunset


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