Home Made Christmas Cards

Hi folks!

I am not, in general, a very crafty person.

I cook.  Generally food that I consider fairly basic and simple…except for those medieval-style feasts I used to oversee periodically in the S.C.A.

I scrapbook.  Our vacations, but not much else…and I’m about two years behind on those.

But one thing I’ve enjoyed for the past few years is getting together with my mother, sister and her children to make Christmas cards using scrapbook supplies, and I wanted to share some of them.  They came over a few weeks ago.  My nieces crafted some really amazing things!.  My nephew – who isn’t particularly interested in scrapbooking or Christmas cards – participated by making some decorations which turned out really well!

We play Christmas carols while we work, and I find that the day helps me start getting into the holiday mood!

I have discovered through trial and error – mostly error, from those days in past years when I’ve reached the evening with a bare 2 or 3 cards – that I’m most productive when I choose one basic pattern and make variations on it.  I did a tree last year.  Mostly plain background, contrasting triangle, natural coloured stump, ribbons or dots to decorate the tree.  I made about a dozen, in different combinations of colours and decorations. (And of course, I can’t find the picture to show you.  Ah, well, I’ll keep looking and post it when it turns up!)

This year’s ‘pattern’ was a quartered card, with four items on it.

Christmas Cards – Variations on a theme.

I really like the ones with the monochromatic look!

I was lucky enough to get together with my best friend for a second session, last weekend, and make some more cards.  These are hers:

img_0300 Aren’t they great!  She inspired me to do these ones:

That one in the top centre needs something else, I think.  Maybe some red gems in the centre of the snowflakes?

Supplies:  I generally tell my sister to just bring paper – and her creativity!  I pick up the card blanks at Michael’s when they’re on sale, but most of the rest of the embellishments come from the local dollar store.

We’ve tried a few options, over the years, for the verses inside.  Rubber stamps are okay, but it’s hard (and expensive) to find a variety with suitable messages.  It can be hard to get them ‘just right’, too, and it’s no fun if you muck up and have to cover it up…

At one point, I had found pages of Christmas themed sentiments online and printed them out in colour on plain paper, but sometimes they seem a bit too plain – even when matted.

Last year, I found a sheet of gift tags for MS Publisher.  They were meant to be printed out on plain business cards, and a hole punched in them to attach a ribbon through.   I re-purposed them for my sentiments by deleting the ‘To:’ and ‘From:’, then adding a verse.  I print them on plain paper (because I don’t have any plain business cards) then cut them apart and mat them!


Northern Sunset



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